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What is a Cat Tree?

What is a Cat Tree?

Cat trees are tall structures that are designed for your furry friend to perch on and enjoy. They were designed to give a cat something to keep them occupied for long periods of time, and to prevent them from damaging furniture and household goods with their teeth and claws, especially kittens.

Cat trees tend to include many compartments and accessories that cats are likely to enjoy. This can be anything from toy mice, scratching posts, hideaway condos to snuggle into, and hammocks and beds to sleep on. Most cat trees are designed with soft carpet over the platforms so the cats can have a chance to scratch and chew like they would your normal flooring. They usually come in 3- to 6-tier platforms and stand at around 60” tall.

Types of Cat Trees

When it comes to purchasing a cat tree, you will quickly see that there are so many different varieties available on the market. There are many varieties to suit each different type of cat. The main styles include:

Activity center cat trees

The activity center style of cat tree is designed in such a way that your cat has everything they desire. These will include scratching posts, toy mice, carpeting, plush beds, hammocks, tunnels and even condos all on the one cat tree. Activity center trees also include many platforms for your cats to jump up and across from, allowing them to really exercise their legs and remain active even when at home.

Outdoor cat trees

Sometimes cat owners don’t necessarily have the available space inside their home to house a cat tree. If they have some outside garden space however, then an outdoor cat tree may be the second best option. These are similar to the indoor designs; however they are crafted a little hardier in order to survive the outdoor weather. These types of cat tree can transform a garden and allows your cat to play in safety on their very own outdoor real estate.

Ceiling cat trees

These type of cat trees really give your cat space to roam. The ceiling cat tree comes with a special wall fitting which can easily be attached to the wall. This means your cat can enjoy more climbing which is good especially if they are an indoor cat who doesn’t get much exposure to the outdoors.

Furniture style cat trees

If you prefer your cat’s new home to blend into your living space, then a furniture cat tree is the perfect option for you. These styles are made of wood and don’t take up too much space.

Benefits of Cat Trees

Cat trees actually provide many benefits to your cat. This can be in terms of their physical health as well as their mental health.


The main thing they provide your cat with is exercise. With their high platforms and various steps, your cat can enjoy jumping from space to space and having a good climb until their hearts content. If you own a cat that is a little on the heavier side, then a cat tree will be beneficial to keep them active and loose some of the weight. Similarly, if you own a house cat, playing on the cat tree will help keep them mobile if they aren’t so used to doing it outside.


Cat trees also provide sheer enjoyment for your cat as they can scratch and sharpen their claws without being told off for doing it to your sofa. The fake toys included with some frames, such as mice will also provide them with some fun and save them from catching the real thing. Cats also need to be kept occupied otherwise they can become depressed, and so having a cat tree in place you can be assured that they will keep their mind busy while focusing on what to play with next.


In multi-cat homes, having vertical territories can often help to maintain the peace between cats who try to be the boss of the pack. The availability of high perches allows the higher-ranking cat to climb up and display their position, rather than engaging in a physical brawl. The cat trees also provide a place where they can resort to anytime they feel uncomfortable or need somewhere to relax.


Sometimes if you have a rescue cat, or a cat which is pretty timid in the beginning, a cat tree can help them to come out of their shell. They can use a cat tree to hide in and climb up the top to better evaluate their environment. This is much more comfortable for the cat rather than hiding in a dark location under the bed for example. As well as this, there will be no unfamiliar scents here to scare them off, so they make it their own place to retreat to.

Costs of Cat Trees

Just like there are a variety of different cat trees, there are also a variety of different cat tree prices. Depending on what you are looking for, the price can range anywhere from $40 to $200+ for a cat tree. This again depends on the brand you are buying as well as the style of cat tree you want. The larger cat apparatuses tend to be the costlier ones, whereas the simple ones cost a lot less.

Keep in Mind

If you are a first-time buyer, make sure to buy a cat tree which is from a reputable seller as if you find one which is cheap, it may not be stable and your cat could end up injuring themself.

Final Verdict

So there you have it – some helpful knowledge on cat trees. Hopefully now you will be fully aware of what cat trees are, which types you can find on the market and therefore make a better decision based on your individual cat and what they like. We believe a cat tree is a sound investment, and one which your cat is likely to enjoy for years to come.

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