Cat Fun

Kitty Holster Cat Harness Review

To bring cats out for walks, a leash and a collar/harness is a definite must. I recommend using a harness when you bring your cat out for walks to reduce (by a significant amount) the chances of your cat finding its way free and provides less of a choking hazard due to the spread in pressure across the entire upper…

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Feeding Your Cat

Human Foods That Cats Cannot Eat

While caring for our furry, somewhat snobby, feline friends, we may be tempted to give them food off our plates. While this is done with the best intentions, there are certain human foods that cats cannot eat and hence you should avoid feeding them to your cats as it may pose a danger to their lives. The following is a…

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Grooming Your Cat

“Your Cat Stinks, Dude!” Do Cats Need Bathing?

If you’ve ever done research about cats, you’d most probably read about cats being afraid of water and will stay as far as possible away from them. If you have friends who own cats, you might even have heard about how getting them to be bathed can be a long, tiring battle. This usually puzzles most of the new cat…

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Cat Physiology

Are Cats Omnivores If They Eat Grass?

I’m sure you are here because you’ve heard that cats are obligate carnivores (requires meat in their diet) and yet they eat grass – something that carnivores don’t usually do. So you’re really puzzled right now: are cats omnivores or carnivores? To answer this question, let’s take a look at the cat’s digestive system, starting from a very visible part…

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Cat History

Bast: The Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess

Do you know that cats are held in very high esteem in Ancient Egypt, and Bast (also known as Bastet), the Egyptian Goddess who has a cat head, is one of the most respected ones? The people of Ancient Egypt believed that animals were the pets of the Gods and Goddesses they worship, and can even manifest as an animal,…

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