Cat History

Bast: The Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess

Do you know that cats are held in very high esteem in Ancient Egypt, and Bast (also known as Bastet), the Egyptian Goddess who has a cat head, is one of the most respected ones? The people of Ancient Egypt believed that animals were the pets of the Gods and Goddesses they worship, and can even manifest as an animal,…

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Cat Selection

Buying VS Adopting: Which Is Better?

You’ve decided to get a cat, and after looking around for options, you realized that there’s only two choices that you have: buying one from a breeder, or adopting one from the shelter. And hence the second major choice making session (your first is the decision to get a cat) is here: buying vs adopting, which is the better choice?…

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General Care For Your Cat

3 Must-Do Things Before You Get The Cat Home

So you’ve bought/adopted a cat and he/she is arriving in N days’ time. That’s great! As you anticipate his/her arrival, you start to think: Is there anything that I can prepare in advance? The answer is definitely ‘Yes, you can prepare in advance!’ In fact, there are actually 3 things that you must do before you get the cat home,…

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