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How to Keep Cat Litter from Tracking

How to Keep Cat Litter from Tracking

When it comes to your cat’s litter tray, things can get quite messy. Tracking is one of the most common problems that happen with many cats at home and is something that most cat owners complain about. Not to worry though as there are ways out there which you can use to prevent it.

If you are fed up of litter being dragged throughout your home and desperate to find out a solution for how to keep cat litter from tracking, this may be just the article for you.

We will share some tried and tested methods that previous cat owners have carried out, and which might just help you to stop your cat tracking in your home for good.

Trim Long Hair Cat Paws

The main culprit of litter tracking is actually your cat’s paws. Those cats with longer hair will no doubt have more issues as the litter easily gets stuck in their fur. In order to prevent this from happening, try purchasing a pair of pet scissors with blunt tips, or even a small electric facial trimmer to carefully trim the hair between the cat’s paws to a shorter length.

This will stop any small litter particles from trapping in the fur and later tracking about your floor.

Switch to Dust-free Litter

If you use clay litter – which is one of the most common types – this contains silica dust which is the troublesome particle that gets stuck in your cat’s fur and all around your home. If you try switching to a dust-free litter, this might help prevent this from happening everytime your cat leaves the tray.

There are a variety of different litters out there, some which might be cleaner than others.

If you decide to switch to a dust-free litter, it is recommended to transition slowly from your old litter. Why? Sometimes a sudden change can trigger litter box aversion. This is when your cat will start to change their behavior around the litter box and may do their business outside the box because the sudden change has interrupted their routine. It is crucial you do this with care and take time to make the transition.

Purchase a High-walled Litter Box

Low-walled litter boxes are usually the reason why tracking is so easy. Most litter boxes feature low walls which can easily spill out litter everytime your cat jumps out. Therefore, it would make sense to try and find a litter box with higher raised walls. This is a simple solution to cutting down tracking and might prevent it for good.

If you have an older cat who is a bit slower, they may not be able to jump as high to get into the box; therefore, is important to find one with an entry point with an easier access.

Place the Litter Box on Carpet-free Floor

Another trick you can use is to place your cat’s litter box on a carpet-free floor. This will allow for a quick and easy cleanup process, as you can simply vacuum up the excess litter, or swipe it clean. If you instead have your litter box on a carpet, it is more likely that the litter will become trapped in the fibers of the carpet, making it really hard to remove further down the line.

Buy Quick-clumping Litter

Quick-clumping litter is preferred as it stops your cat leaving the tray with any dry litter attached to them. This is because when a cat steps in the wet litter, it automatically clings to dry litter and then this is transported out by the cat and tracked across the house.

Quick-clumping litter is the best one to have, so ensure you have this and it may cut down some of the tracking from even happening in the first place.

Keep a Cordless Vacuum Nearby

Cordless vacuums are the best option for cleaning around your cat’s litter box because they can be brought out and used within minutes, requiring no setup time. These can quickly sort out any mess as soon as it appears, unlike the older, more traditional vacuums which need to be plugged in and used each time.

Purchase a Cat Litter Mat

If you have tried some of the previous methods and had no luck, then this last method might be the best one to go for.

Cat litter mats can be bought and have been designed specifically to stop the tracking problem in its tracks – literally.

These mats have been designed with a strong, durable material which features small holes which are tiny enough to trap even the smallest of litter particles. Each time your cat jumps out of their litter tray and brings half of the litter box with them, this means instead of it going all over the floor, it will fall directly into the litter mat and stay there until you clean it.

This is perfect as it stops your cat even getting away with the litter in their paws as it automatically traps it before it leaves the mat. This can really help to keep your cat’s litter box area cleaner.

Final Say

Let’s be honest, cats will always be a little messy around the home, and no cat is perfect. Tracking is something that is inevitable when it comes to owing a cat, however, it can be reduced if you follow certain methods.

Simply taking the time to research the methods we have mentioned will allow you the opportunity to try and see what works for both you and your cat. Perhaps a new variety of litter will do the trick? Or a new litter tray altogether?

We hope this article has given you some inspiration on how to keep cat litter from tracking, and hopefully, you will have a cleaner home in no time.

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