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How to Feed Multiple Cats

How to Feed Multiple Cats

When it comes to being a cat owner, it may be difficult when it comes to feeding time if you have a few furry friends to look after. This is because each one can have a different diet and providing a balanced nutrition to each individual can be a bit of a challenge. Some cats may need to eat a lot, while some not. Some might follow a specific diet. Some cats may be picky eaters, whereas others like to gobble up everything all at the one time.

No matter your cats’ feeding habits, it’s crucial to know exactly how to do feeding time with more than one cat so that each one eats enough, and at the same time not overdo it, and eats what they should rather than what they shouldn’t. If you have ever had to struggle with different types of food and portion sizes for multiple cats, then you are likely to know the stress that it involves.

Not to worry though as you are certainly not alone in this, as we have got some top tips as well as some feeders which will help you to feed your cats in the easiest way possible. In this article we look at better ways how to feed multiple cats so that you don’t have to stress out.

Choose the Right Food

If you own more than one cat, then you will know that not every cat food is suited to every cat. What constitutes a healthy and balanced nutrition definitely varies with the cat’s lifestyle, age and health. Just like babies need to eat baby food, kittens must eat kitten food, while an active 5-year-old cat would probably thrive on adult food. Just as we grow we prefer to eat lighter, a 15-year old cat probably also prefer a senior diet.

Choose the Amount of Food

The amount of food you give to your cats is important as obesity is a big problem with many pets these days. It is one of the biggest health concerns, and overfeeding together with a lack of exercise can be detrimental to your cat.

Filling up many bowls and topping them off is probably known as the easiest and quickest way to feed multiple cats. However, this puts them at risk of overeating and obesity. As well as this, those cats which are hungrier, and dominant over others will be more likely to eat from other cats’ bowls, where the less assertive ones will lack getting their full nutrition and may become malnourished.

Separate Meal Times

In order to address the issue of cats eating too much, instead of leaving food out for cats for a long period of time, giving them discrete meals is recommended instead. This means measuring out the correct amount of food into each cat’s bowl and feeding them separately. This can be at completely different meal times so to not cause any more confusion between the cats. This allows you to be completely in control of their diets and you can schedule it for the same time every day until they become used to it. Separate meal times will teach them not to eat together and keep them on the right diet.

Separate Rooms

Another trick which many owners with multiple cats will do is feed their cats in separate rooms. This will stop one cat from trying to eat the others’ meal, and of course allows them to eat only what they are supposed to eat. This is a clever way of keeping things in check, and giving you more time to relax around meal time.

Feed Cats on Different Levels

Some owners even feed their cats on different levels. This means placing one bowl on a cat stand, or higher up from the ground so that they are again separated while eating. The abler cat would likely eat from the high-up bowl, while the less able should eat from their bowl on the ground.

Discrete meal feeding definitely does take a little more effort in comparison to leaving the food out for them to eat whenever they please. However, the benefits far outweigh the inconveniences.

Automatic Cat Feeders for Specific Cat Access

One of the favorite methods for cat owners nowadays is to purchase an automatic cat feeder which is microchipped. You may be wondering what we are talking about, but these things luckily do exist – and make your life a whole lot easier. These are automatic pet feeders which will only dispense food when it recognizes your cat’s individual microchip. These are especially great if you need to keep your cats away from any specific foods, or for those with allergies, for example.

For multiple cats you could also buy separate feeders for each cat, and that way they would only eat what they were supposed to. All you need to do is program each one to dispense the right amount of food and whenever you need it to.

Interactive Feeders for Fast Eaters

If you have a cat that eats too fast, you don’t need to worry because there is also a solution on the market for them. Interactive feeders for fast eaters can also be used for these cats and can help them as they help slow down their eating speed. This eliminates cats stealing others’ food and allows them to finish around the same time.

Monitor Feeding Times

Lastly, if you don’t have the option to own an automatic feeder or an interactive one, then you should always try to monitor your cats during feeding time. This will allow you to make sure everyone is eating the correct diet and to stop any overeating from happening

We hope this article has been helpful in giving you some inspiration on ideas to feed multiple cats at once. We hope you will be able to better feed your cats with our ideas and if you have any other tips, please let us know!

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