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How to Feed Cat Wet Food While Away?

How to Feed Cat Wet Food While Away?

So perhaps you are a cat owner who leads a busy lifestyle, and who doesn’t have a housemate or neighbor to help feed your little one when you aren’t around? If you are wondering how exactly you can feed them their favorite wet food when you aren’t around then we’ve got you covered.

In this article we share how to feed cat wet food while away. Sounds impossible right? You may be surprised. If you haven’t heard about them already, automatic pet food dispensers are a thing. They are the dispensers which automatically feed your little furry friend when you otherwise can’t.

We will take a better look below at how these devices work, what they can do and how easy they are to maintain.

Automatic Pet Feeders

As our schedules become increasingly packed, having the opportunity to automate simple daily chores, such as feeding your cat can save so much time. As well as this, it feels great to know your little friend has eaten well. Pet product manufacturers worldwide have cleverly noticed this need and have started creating a variety of products to accommodate the busy modern cat owner.

As briefly mentioned, automatic pet feeders are a great solution to have if you want to be able to feed your cat while you are away. In fact, these have been specially designed to do just that – to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to making sure your pet doesn’t go hungry. They usually feature around a 6L-capacity size, and are suitable to feed a wide variety of cat sizes. Some are even cat and dog friendly.

The best thing is you can find dispensers which will work with both dry and wet food. This means your cat doesn’t need to stick to dry food as you can also give them wet by using a special wet food dispenser. A good example of a wet and dry food dispenser would be the Andrew James 4 meal Automatic Pet Feeder. This even includes a compartment which you can fill with ice to keep food extra fresh and cool.

No longer do you have to rely on someone else to come into your home and do the feeding, as with these handy devices, it is all pre-programmed to do it for you.

How do Automatic Pet Feeders Work?

If you go shopping for automatic cat feeders, you will find a variety with many features. In terms of the everyday feeder, however, something which is programmable, durable and easy to use is what you will need. All in all, automatic pet dispensers are really simple to use. You can program them using their user-friendly interface which allows you to control how much food to give out at a specific of day and how many times a day. This means their breakfast, lunch and dinner can all be covered along with another set time, as most devices will allow 4 set timings.

You then put the required food into the storage compartment, and close the lid tightly. Usually most dispensers feature a strong design which means no cat can reopen the storage and steal food while you aren’t around, which is useful.

The portion control feature is a great option, especially for those pets who need to cut down a little. This feature allows owners to choose the exact amount of food their cat should eat. It is possible to find feeders which allow portion sizes between 165-500 ml.

Additional Features


Many of the newer dispensers nowadays feature Wi-Fi connection which allows the use of an app to control the entire device alone. This means owners can even dispense food when they are out and about without having to preprogram it.

Voice recorder

As well as the app integration, voice recorders are also present in many automatic pet feeders which gives owners a chance to record their voice calling their pet. As most pets are called to eat, this feature is extremely useful in getting them to eat when you are not around. It is also nice for the animals to hear as if they become lonely when you aren’t at home, this will automatically please them by hearing your voice.

Small portion control

Some dispensers will only let out a small amount of food each time. This will mean that the cat cannot eat too much. It is also a brilliant setting for cats who are obese or overeating as they will be able to stick to a strict diet, and hopefully lose some weight as they continue.

Infrared stop

Some dispensers feature an innovative infrared light which detects when the bowl is completely full, and prevents any over filling. This means your cat will get just the right amount of food, so you don’t need to worry about them overeating.

Microchip controlled

Again, some of the newer, more innovative models out there feature microchip cat feeders which are only programmed to open when it detects your cat’s microchip. This means no other cat can eat from the dispenser, which is pretty cool.

Final Verdict

Cats are a generally low-maintenance pets, especially compared to dogs, however you still must ensure that your pet receives the correct nutrition every day. When working full time or traveling with your job it can certainly interrupt your cat’s eating pattern.

Therefore, if you desire a better method to control just what your pet eats or when meals occur – even not being at home – automatic pet feeders are definitely worthy of your attention. Their simplicity, ease of use and special features make them a great investment as they will help you out when you need it most.

We hope this article has been informative, and has inspired you to purchase an automatic wet food feeder for your cat. We guarantee your little one will not go hungry then next time you are late getting home.

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