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How to Entertain a Cat the Right Way

How to Entertain a Cat the Right Way

The majority of first-time cat owners assume their pets will laze around the house and prefer to keep to themselves. Although this is true to some extent, cats also love having plenty of activities.

In fact, the majority of cats will get bored faster than you’d imagine. This is why it’s important for you to learn how to entertain a cat so that your pets have a deeper bond with you.

How to Entertain a Cat

The following tips and tricks are our favorite methods of entertaining cats when they’re ready for playtime.

Enable Exploration

If there’s one thing cats love, it’s being able to explore new territory. Now, we wouldn’t recommend putting your cats outside and allowing them to explore the world around them. This isn’t a good idea for most cats, especially if yours spends most of its time inside. Instead, leave things around the house that are new to your pets that they can play with.

The best part is that you don’t have to invest in an array of toys for your cats to explore. Things such as boxes and paper bags are equally as interesting as high-end cat toys that can cost hundreds. If you’re looking for more permanent fixtures, scratching posts, cat condos, and cat trees are great ideas as well.

Create a Scavenger’s Hunt

Cats enjoy hunting; it’s one of their most prevalent innate needs. However, you might not want to encourage your cat to hunt for its own live food. Instead, you can create your own indoor scavenger hunt that they can do once a week in order to find their meal.

Consider placing pieces of their kibble in different areas around the house so they can search for their food. This is also a great idea that you can do with treats.

Make sure you take the time to write down all of the locations you’ve hidden the food as you won’t want to find rotten cat food a week later! If your cat isn’t able to find everything, you can pick it up and put it in a bowl for them to enjoy once they think they’ve finished the activity.

Give One-on-One Attention

Even the most standoffish cats love having time with their owners. It’s also important to note that most breeds won’t enjoy having to compete for attention. This is especially true if you introduce a new cat or person into the home.

No matter how busy you might think you are, it’s vital that you schedule some one-on-one time with your cat throughout the week. Make sure that you give them your undivided attention and play with all of their favorite toys.

Not only will this help to keep your cat entertained, but it can also be a fantastic bonding experience for the two of you. The more often you give your cat a reasonable amount of attention, the healthier your relationship will be. Additionally, the more comfortable and confident your pet will become.

Alternate Toys

It’s far too often that cat owners complain about their pets having plenty of toys but never wanting to play with the ones they choose. This is likely because you’re choosing the same toys over and over.

Cats are inherently intelligent, and as such, they like to have an assortment of toys to choose from. When you’re playing with your pets, make sure that you alternate the toys regularly. Once a cat figures out how to work a particular toy, they’re going to lose interest in it, whereas if you introduce new toys into the mix, they’ll want to learn all of its secrets.

Keep Wildlife Near the House

Cats have an incredibly high prey drive, and they love the idea of watching the wildlife around them. If you have space, we recommend encouraging wildlife near your home to keep your cats entertained.

It would be a fantastic idea to hang a birdhouse outside, right near your cat’s perch where it can look out of the window. When the birds fly in and out of their house to gather treats and food, your cat will undoubtedly love watching their movements. The best part is that since your pet is likely an indoor cat, you won’t have to worry about them getting their hands on the birds.

Even if you don’t have the space to hang birdhouses, we recommend placing your cat’s perch or cat bed near a window. This will help them to keep an eye on movement outside while they’re relaxing and enjoying basking in the sunlight.

Turn On Cat TV

You might be wondering, what is a cat TV? When it comes to learning how to entertain a cat, this is a sure-fire way to capture their attention, especially if you own a cat that isn’t a huge fan of playing with toys.

For the lazier pets, there are plenty of cat TV channels that you can choose from that will keep them entertained. However, we recommend visiting a website, such as YouTube, to find videos that are designed specifically for cats.

Soothing music and television are two ways to make your cat feel like they’re not alone. This is an excellent trick for pet parents that frequently leave the house but want to keep their cats entertained. The majority of shows designed for pets feature mice and birds flying and running around. This will keep them interested for hours on end, or at least until you return from running errands.

Encourage a Healthy Diet

No matter how active your cat might think they are, if they have a poor diet, they won’t be as active. This is also true for humans, as the healthier we eat, the more energy we have.

If you’ve been noticing that your cat isn’t playing as often as it once did, it could be because of the food and treats you’re giving them. Before considering upping their activity, it’s more important to make sure they’re receiving balanced meals.

Final Thoughts

Entertaining a cat can be as simple as giving them your undivided attention. No matter if you’re a new cat owner or if you’re watching a friend’s pet, there are plenty of activities you can do together. From scavenger hunts for food to turning on cat TV, you’ll be able to give them something to do. Then again, it’s also important to remember that a healthy cat is an active cat, so ensure you feed them healthily for great energy levels.

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