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Do Cat Litter Mats Work?

Do Cat Litter Mats Work

When it comes to our cats’ elimination habits, it can sometimes get quite messy. This is why we need products that make our lives easier and which stop cats from tracking litter throughout our homes.

Similarly, we need products which are inexpensive, easy to clean and types which our cats won’t avoid stepping on. One of those products is the famous cat litter mat, which is a great solution to prevent tracking.

But do cat litter mats work? In this article, we will explore the cat litter mat in a lot more detail, and hope to answer the question so that you can understand just how beneficial these mats can be for you and your cat, and where you should focus your attention when it comes to purchasing one.

What are Cat Litter Mats?

To begin, we will discuss what cat litter mats are for those who aren’t sure. Cat litter mats are mats that have been specially designed to be placed underneath or near your cat’s litter tray.

These mats provide a soft, gentle surface for your cat to walk on to get from their tray as well as a protection for the floor. This gives the cat more room to do their business and allows them to be a bit messy as the mat will catch anything that is spilt out; litter that sticks to the cat’s paws while in the litter box will come off on the mat and be trapped, rather than being spread through the house.

Cat litter mats come in various sizes and are made of a variety of materials. The most common are made from EVA foam and are pretty durable. These mats are usually also slip-resistant which means they will adhere to a floor pretty well and will stay there until removed.

How Do They Work?

The cat litter mats have been specifically designed to make your cat’s litter area and your home a whole lot cleaner.

Cat litter mats have been designed with special holes to collect litter so that it doesn’t get tracked throughout your home. What is tracking? Tracking is when litter sticks to your cat’s paws, and they jump out of the litter box and carry it throughout your home, which can create such a mess.

These special mats, therefore, collect all the spilt litter and contain it within the mat until you empty it during cleaning. This can really reduce the overall amount of litter spread through the home, and at the same time keeps the cat’s litter box area cleaner than usual.

Waterproof cat litter mats can be a godsend for some cats. This is because they will soak up any urine that your cat does outside their litter tray, and keeps it from going onto your floor. The waterproof cat litter mats can be especially useful when you have kittens, or when you have older cats who are more incontinent. We recommend focusing on finding a waterproof mat which is durable and large in size.

Cats Will Prefer Certain Mats

As briefly mentioned, not all mats will be made of the same material and this may have an effect on whether your cat will accept it or not. Some cats have been known not to step one paw on their mat through fear, whereas others won’t leave their mat alone and scratch it until their heart is content.

Therefore it is important to find a mat which your cat will actually take to because you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money only for your cat to avoid the mat and not use it at all.

Another thing to consider is some cheaply made litter mats might be designed using toxic chemicals which could possibly be harmful to your cat. This means when shopping you should always check for the materials used, and make sure if you are physically shopping to smell the mat and make sure it doesn’t have any chemical smells. This can also be another factor which will turn your cat away from using the mat.

Experiment With Different Styles

To answer the question of do cat litter mats work, we believe you’ll find the answer is through experimentation; different mats will provide different results. Some might be perfect for your cat, while others may be pointless

The size of litter your cat uses is also a key factor to think about when purchasing a litter mat. This is because litter can come in clay, crystal, corn, wheat and pellet form, and while some mats might be universally friendly and collect all litter types, others may be more suited to a certain type of litter and not do anything at all for you. Only after experimenting can you decide which mat is the best for you and your cat.

Cat Litter Mat Benefits

Before we finish, we thought it would be useful to list the benefits of purchasing a cat litter mat, so that it is clear.

Cleaner home

It’s pretty obvious that when you find the right mat, your home will hopefully start to have less litter tracked around, which means fewer chances of you stepping on some with a barefoot.

Reduced cleaning time

As these mats collect up all the tiny litter particles, this means less cleaning time for you. All you will be required to do when it comes to cleaning is to empty the mat into the trash so all the litter comes out, and simply wipe the map down and you are good to go.

Another quick way to remove the litter if you aren’t doing a full clean is to vacuum the particles out of the hole in the mat – simple!

Final Say

Do cat litter mats work? We certainly think they have proven to work well for cats, and really help to keep their litter box area cleaner for longer. They also prevent the tracking of litter throughout the home and therefore lessen the amount of litter being spread about the house.

We hope that this article has helped you to realize the benefits cat litter mats can bring to both your cat and your home.

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