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Do Cats Need Baths? A Pet Owner’s Guide

Do Cats Need Baths

Many cat owners or cat owners to be might have come across the question “Do cats need baths?” at some point. That is because of the belief that cats are scared of water. Also, cats are very independent creatures, and they are known to clean themselves very well in comparison to their canine counterparts. However, although they do clean themselves…

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Do Cats Need Teeth Cleaning?

As humans, we brush our teeth to keep them healthy and strong. If we do not do so, we will encounter many problems such as bad breath or even bone loss (see this post from The List for more details). This makes many cat owners ponder over this question: Do cats need teeth cleaning just like humans do? Before we…

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Grooming Your Cat

“Your Cat Stinks, Dude!” Do Cats Need Bathing?

If you’ve ever done research about cats, you’d most probably read about cats being afraid of water and will stay as far as possible away from them. If you have friends who own cats, you might even have heard about how getting them to be bathed can be a long, tiring battle. This usually puzzles most of the new cat…

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