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Best Cat Toys for Your Furry Friend

Best Cat Toys for Your Furry Friend

Pet owners who are looking for a way to show their cats that they care will want to look at the best cat toys. With unique elements specifically designed to keep your felines entertained for hours, these toys are a fantastic addition to your home.

Best Cat Toys: Our Top Picks

No matter what type of cat you own or how old they are, you can guarantee these three toys will prove to be useful. However, one toy on this list is superior to the rest and is recommended for any household with cats.

1. Petstages Tower of Tracks: Best Toy for Ball Chasing

The Petstages Tower of Tracks is specifically designed to keep your cats busy. It’s the kind of toy that you can set up, and they’ll play with it for hours. It’s also built to be incredibly sturdy, which makes it ideal for a household with more than one cat.


Features of the Petstages Tower of Tracks

  • Multiple Actions

There are many moving parts to this cat toy, which is what makes it so entertaining to your pets. There are three different tiers to the tower, and on each level, there are balls that they can play with. The balls are specifically designed to be brightly colored, so they keep your pet’s attention.

  • Durable Construction

As mentioned, the Petstages Tower of Tracks is designed to last over the years. It’s constructed out of high-quality plastic. Additionally, the top of the toy is closed, so your pets won’t find themselves getting stuck inside of the tower.

  • Non-Slip Base

In the event your cats get a little too active while playing, you won’t have to worry about the tower falling over. That’s because it’s designed with a non-slip base, so once it’s in place, it won’t move.

  • Healthy for Cats

The Petstages Tower of Tracks will keep your pets active in the most fun way imaginable. It combines both mental and physical activity, which makes it quite a well-rounded toy.


  • Upgraded design
  • Enjoyed by both cats and dogs
  • Balls glide smoothly


  • Slightly small for large cats
  • Balls are close in color to the tracks

2. Youngever Assorted Cat Toys: Best Toy for Value

What we love the most about the Youngever Assorted Cat Toys is that you’ll receive multiple items for your cats to play with. Instead of investing in a single toy, you’ll have plenty of different items for them to indulge in.


Features of the Youngever Assorted Cat Toys

  • 24-Piece Set

This toy set comes with 24 pieces in total. There are plenty of activities for your cats, including a teaser wand, interactive toys, crinkle balls, cat springs, and a collapsible cat tunnel.

  • Mental and Physical Health Benefits

All of the toys in the set are designed to improve your cat’s mental and physical health. Additionally, the only thing you’ll need to set it up is the collapsible tunnel. Everything else is easily accessible whenever your cat feels like playing with a toy.

  • Interactive Toys Included

There are plenty of interactive toys included in the package as well. This is a fantastic way for you to improve the bonding experience between you and your pet. With the feather toy and cat teaser wand, you can play with your cat instead of them playing by themselves.


  • Catnip is included
  • Do not require any batteries
  • Plenty of variety to choose from
  • Assists with building confidence


  • Toys are poorly made
  • Cats may ingest pieces of the toys
  • Eyes and accessories glued onto the toys

3. Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser: Best Toy for Interactive Play

The Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser is the perfect example of how technology changes playtime with your pets. If you’re someone who is concerned about giving your cats expensive toys to play with, this is a great alternative. Not to mention, it’s one of the best cat toys that can also be a favorite for your dogs.


Features of the Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser

  • Rotating Pattern

Cats are notorious for getting bored with their toys. However, this laser is designed to make playtime fun no matter how often they use the laser. That’s because the light rotates randomly across walls and floors for an exciting experience.

  • Enhances Prey Drive

If you’re looking for a way to encourage your cat’s natural prey drive, this is the toy for you. As the light moves in an unpredictable manner, it appeals to their hunting instincts.

  • Safe for Pets

No matter if you buy the Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser for a cat or a dog, you’ll love how safe it is. For starters, it doesn’t require any cables as it is battery operated. What’s more is that it also features an auto shut-off timer that stops the laser after 15 minutes of continuous play.

  • Adjustable Settings

Depending on your cat’s personality, you can choose from three different settings. You can opt to have the laser move fast, slow, or random.


  • Very entertaining for cats of all ages
  • Sufficient battery life
  • The 15-minute timer is very useful
  • Easy-to-use battery compartment


  • Doesn’t have a secure base
  • Too easy for cats to knock over
  • Made of thin plastic


Choosing the perfect toys for your cats can be a hit or miss experience. Some cats are interested in certain toys, whereas others don’t like them at all. If you’re looking for the safest and surest source of entertainment, we’d recommend the Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser.

This product is one of the best cat toys on the market simply because it feeds into what every cat wants. With the randomized laser, it encourages the natural hunting instincts of every cat. We also found that it works quite well with kittens and cats alike. In fact, if you have dogs in your home, they’ll also be highly entertained by the laser.

This toy helps to keep your pets entertained while you do household chores or watch television. Not to mention, the 15-minute timer helps to make sure you don’t consume too much battery power at once. With that being said, it’s recommended that you construct a base of your own so that your pets don’t knock the device over. It isn’t built with a non-slip base and might fall over frequently.

If you’re in the market for a useful toy that your pets will get hours of play from, the Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser might just be what you’re looking for.

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